Welcome to the jWilliam-Couture Executive Club, a place where custom fashion at an affordable prices becomes reality.  As an Executive Club member, you will be have access to exclusive discounts, promos and specials.

What is the Executive Club?

Here at JWC’s Executive Club you can expect the highest quality, which should be expected from a pure custom-tailored garment of unique individuality. All suits are hand cut and hand made by skilled individual tailors right down to the boutonniere and coat button holes, our suits are completely created by hand, requiring over 50 hours of hand work. Each garment made is based purely on the customer’s measurements and posture, and we do not use any stock pattern or block in production. Each client has a paper pattern tailored, by hand, exactly to the dimensions given to us. Here at JWC we are dedicated to manufacturing custom-made hand-tailored suits, dress-shirts, sport coats, pants, formal wear, along with our custom casual line consisting of shirts, denims, custom neckwear, and several more individually tailored garments for both men and women. A great suit begins with the quality of the fabric, requiring not just the quality of high quality horsehair canvas; strong yet smooth silk thread; soft cotton shoulder padding; Bamberg linings; quality buttons; but also the skill of our pattern-makers and cutters and their ability to comprehend the individuality of the wearer to the finest detail – the cut of the lapel, the drape of the shoulder.

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We offer three distinct grades of tailoring for our customers in two different weights (soft and firm tailoring).

Fused Canvas – our most basic offering where a soft, lightweight non-woven fusible interlining (made in Germany) is fused onto the wool shell of the suit. It produces a strong, well maintained and balanced garment, increasing the lifetime of the suit. It is the best value in tailored clothing today.

Half Canvas – this method mixes traditional tailoring values with engineered jacket construction. The canvas run from the chest down below the front lower pockets on the jacket, whereby the balance portion is fused. It offers durability in wear and we offer either a soft or firm tailoring for comfort. The lapels are lashed and the canvasses are individually cut utilizing the finest components incorporating horse hair for added integrity.

Full Canvas – is beautifully crafted with no fusible. The entire front piece consists of pure horse hair (camel hair available also) canvas underneath the wool fabric shell. The truly traditional “open coat” method involves pre-shrinking and shaping the canvas prior to it being stitched onto the cloth. The canvas used is soft and supple, ensuring that the front piece of the jacket moulds to fit the shape of the body after it has been worn a few times and that the shape maintains its integtiry, thereby creating an excellent fit. The different canvas layers are separate and float between the material and the lining to provide optimum comfort. Before leaving our premises, each garment is measured and checked against the measurements mentioned on the order form, just to be sure. We are proud to boast that our garments are rarely sent back for any repairs or returns due to manufacturing error (less than 0.5% repair rate).

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