jWilliam-Couture is your online marketplace for high-style men’s and women’s fashions, bringing you the latest in clothing, shoes, make-up, and skincare. We provide image and lifestyle consulting at its finest while offering the best in designers’ men’s and women’s wear.  The whole idea of clothing is to let it help define you.  jWilliam-Couture is the most foremost shopping destination on the Internet.  Quality, high-style fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to be a status symbol.  For everything you need to know about style, fashion, skincare, make-up from head to toe, jWilliam-Couture is your place. As CEO and creator of jWilliam-Couture, Doctor Willie Green is arguably one of the best-dressed men in Sacramento.  Widely known for his impeccable style, when it comes to his personal image, this “doctor of style” believes that one’s image is no laughing matter. Willie Green takes image seriously and is very passionate about fashion, make-up and skincare.  A firm believer that image is everything, he believes that you can make lasting first impressions without ever saying a word.  He’s a makeup artist, image and lifestyle consultant who’s devoted to those things which he’s most passionate about. Willie feels there is a void in the fashion market for affordable well-made clothing for men and women. His mission, through jWilliam-Couture, is to give men and women from every walk of life the opportunity to afford quality fashion clothing and accessories with style and sophistication.  Inspired by his own sense of flair and style, Willie Green’s jWilliam-Couture offers something for every taste and price range.

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